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if ever cross my mind about having dog as a pet,

it will be only this one above i choose to keep.

3 letters of word :


with big brown eye, fugitive face, small body, strident bark.

sleep in my feet, wiggling his tail in my toe.

ouugh..come to me, little puppy!!!

And look at you and me still here together
There is no one knows you better
And we've come such a long, long way
Let's put it off for one more day

And everybody knows where this is heading
Forgive me for forgetting
Our hearts irrevocably combined
Star-crossed souls slow dancing
Retreating and advancing
Across the sky until the end of time 


Devotchka-Till the end of times


i miss my boyfriend so much.....

dearly friends,
this few months had been so confusing yet so exciting for me.
i moved to Batam island since August 9 this year and still adjustment here.
no crowd, no pathetic view, no big bus, no grand malls, nothing between me and fresh air.
moved for the new job i am doing now :)
looking for some great experience and more friends to live this good life.
will update with more pictures, more story, and more..more more..
writing this so i have a deadline to keep ;P
see ya!!

what makes her so irresistible?
is it her face? is it her eyes? or is it her smile?
hmm, darling..don’t you see?
it is the little things she wore that makes her so special in my eyes
it’s not only because she is hot,
it’s not only because she is daring and gorgeous.
it’s pretty odd.
you’re going to want it a lot!!

this morning i feel so yummy

i eat my porridge listening to Prince, Jimmy Hendrix, and Rancid.

WOOHOOO! my spirit is on,baby!

do i need to apologize for disappear so long? wehehe, well i hope not 😛

i can see that many of my friends including you are waiting for my next post but i’ve been so lazy

thats,i am sorry.i can’t even forgive my self for being so lazy

my weight up to 57 K, Gosh!

so i am planning to keep on writing starting this day! YAY!

so everybody, let’s electrified our day!

on and on

May 2020


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